Puppy Doe’s Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals!

Let’s break the silence to help break the cycle of violence against animals.

Become an Ambassador for Puppy Doe’s campaign to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS.

Our long-term goal is to bring an end to all violence against animals.

A social problem of this magnitude requires many steps to eliminate it.

None of us can hope to reduce or stop violence against animals single handedly, but each one of us can change our own behavior, be a responsible role model, set an example, and promote violence against animals awareness and respect.

If we can persevere, changes will occur over time.

Violence against animals in our communities is often behavior spilling over from violence in our homes.

This is fuelled by public tolerance and apathy towards violence and abuse.

It is far more costly to be reactive to violence and abuse than it is to be proactive in terms of prevention, education, early intervention, and treatment.

Stopping violence against animals is everyone’s responsibility.

Violence in the media plays a significant role in enhancing violent behavior, serving as a negative template for tolerance which children are now exposed to essentially from birth. We have all become desensitized in varying degrees to the real life results of violence beyond the TV screen.
If you can become an Ambassador for Puppy Doe in your community, school, place of worship, or business organization, animals will benefit.


Violence in the home is the number one source of violence.

Women, Children and animals are the most frequent victims of violence.

LOOK for signs of violence and report

EDUCATE people on animal cruelty

VOTE for changes in Laws to help animals

WRITE, FAX and CALL your Leaders to demand changes

Let your local communities know that you demand an end to continued passive support of animals being abused. Make comments in newspapers about how you feel.

Let’s learn to be proactive rather than reactive.

PUPPY DOE AMBASSADORS goals are to break the silence.

Speak up for those who can’t

Support the animals rights

Support violence against animals prevention, awareness and education


Being an Ambassador for Puppy Doe’s Campaign to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS is a good way to show your support for the message that is wanting to be spread worldwide.

TAKE THE PLEDGE – swear to never commit, excuse, or remain silent about violence against animals.

LIKE and SHARE Puppy Doe’s dedicated facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForPuppyDoe

PROMOTE PUPPY DOE’S AMBASSADOR CAMPAIGN with colleagues, clients, and friends. Call on others to join in.


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