Mass. high court to ponder whether search warrant is needed when animals are in danger


The state’s highest court is slated to hear arguments Tuesday on whether police can search property without a warrant if they believe animals are in danger, expanding an exception that already applies when people are in danger.

8 thoughts on “Mass. high court to ponder whether search warrant is needed when animals are in danger”

  1. By the time the usual get the search warrant its to late for whomever they are trying to help. I think if u know something, someone needs ur helps u should be able to help with out a stupid piece of paper. .

  2. No! There should not be a reason to hesitate! I have a child and a pup if either lives were threatened or at risk I would like to know the law could intervene without hesitation!!! Both living breathing creatures great and small – it’s time us humans started taking animal cruelty seriously we are happy to sell, advertised and profit from animals but hesitate to protect them!
    Make a change today!

  3. You must pass this law. Even if a nosey neighbor falsely complained, they would see upon
    entry if any type of abuse was going on…regarding animals or children. We need to protect
    the voiceless. Severe abuse of animals is especially bad and we must change the laws. Just
    look at Puppy Doe…someone should have cared enough to check out the situation.

  4. I don’t think police need to literally “search the premises” (regarding anything unrelated to the issue at hand), but as far as an animal being in danger…… HELL YES, enter by ANY means necessary to help that animal! Animals are FAMILY! ♥

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