How MANY animal loving humans are there on Facebook?

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68 thoughts on “How MANY animal loving humans are there on Facebook?”

    1. there the people who TRULY LOVE ANIMALS ( WE DONT EAT ANIMALS ) & then there are the HYPOCRITES that SAY they love animals , and then participate in the GROTESQUE TORTURE,MISERY,DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT of the animals at every meal they choose to EAT THEM – so please stop being a HYPOCRITE & STOP EATING THE SWEET GENTLE KIND ANIMALS – YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN MASS GENOCIDE OF THE MOST INNOCENT CREATURES ON THE PLANET.

      1. I totally agree with you Truthchase …. these beautiful creatures were here long before we were … and they should be allowed to live in peace and not hunted and tortured and abused by BRUTAL SUB HUMANS … and I call them this because … as you know a real animal lover would never dream in a million years of harming a defenceless animal …

    2. Those replying here sentimentally “LOVE” puppies, but eat abused cows, chickens, pigs,etc. The OTHER animals need respect, not love. Hypocrites eat and wear animals. We don’t OWN animals. They are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use in any way whatsoever! Dogs and cats are not the only ones who need our help. 59 billion land animals suffer in factory farms, Yet most of you care only for OWNING puppies. Such small hearts and tiny dreams! Go VEGAN! Go all the way for justice for the other animals. We are NOT their masters.

      1. It is ignorance. I remember feeling horrified as a child when asking what is meat from. I was told to not feel sad as these animals are raised for that purpose to feed us because we have to eat. Still bothered me even as a young child. Many years ago I learned about the horrors of veal and lamb and stopped eating them. I am now off most meat and only eat chicken. I personally found going vegetarian very difficult to do while raising a family. If I knew all the horrors of this industry then, I honestly would have tried harder. Keep educating and more and more people will realize what goes on with their meat before it is placed on their table.

      2. RELAX! True animal lovers don’t only care for ‘owning puppies’. Many of us are doing what we can to give ALL animals ALL THE LOVE AND RESPECT THAT THEY TRULY DESERVE. There is no room for anger here … you have no right to say ‘most of us’ — I choose to share my home with my animals, I do not own them. You have no idea who the people here are, or what their lifestyles are, but you certainly have no right to tell anyone that they have small hearts and tiny dreams, Gael R. Murphy. Why don’t you turn your anger towards others into something useful, because getting mad doesn’t stop violence against animals.

  1. How can any human being be cruel to animals? Dog’s rule, Cats are OK too, All wild animals have their place in God’s Kingdom as well. Mankind has made a few species extinct. Lets try to stop unnecessary killing of any specie. Instead, adopt an animal or provide temporary food and shelter until someone adopts it. If you have animal(s) treat them with Love and Respect and they will return that Love and Respect ten fold.

  2. I am against all forms of cruelty to animals. I am a member of the Humane Society, ASPCA, and do animal portraits on occasion to raise money for local animal welfare groups. I am committed to this fight.

  3. Somebody sent me a series of quotes.. I especially love this one
    “People who say diamonds are a girl’s best friend have never owned a dog”
    I prefer to say have never BEEN owned by a dog. All creatures deserve our respect and protection. Exception of late to those pesky ants that keep invading every corner or our house…

  4. I have a Boxer, named Meranda, and I couldn’t imagine her being abused by anyone.I cannot even get upset, with her when she disobeys me. I’m very fortunate though, my husband trained her well. She is very obedient. We got her from a home where, I believe she was abused, so I don’t believe in inflicting helpless animals, with pain. Not just my animal. ANY ANIMAL.

  5. Its possible that the animal haters just don’t care enough about animals to bother to vote, or they don’t want to admit they don’t like animals. There is also the possibility that animal haters don’t do facebook, an indicator of the need for social interaction that animal haters lack.

  6. I am definitely a ANIMAL LOVER !!! Our 4 ” FURRY BABIES ( 2 cats and 2 pugs ) are our children. We love them with all our hearts unconditionally. How can anyone do harm to an innocent creature that only wants to share it’s love and to be loved ? We would do anything to protect them. How lucky we are to share such love !

    1. I can relate to exactly what you said!! I had a Rottweiler…he passed away at age 10 from cancer. 8 yrs. ago. Still miss him!! We have our 7 cat’s, all rescues and one darling fawn pug!! By golly, I love our little pug, name is Miso, that is a Chinese name. The pug come’s from China. He is so precious!! That’s my little baby. He is 19 mos. now. Still a puppy. If anyone hurt him or our felines, well let’s just say, their day’s of hiking would be over!!

  7. Must have animals in my life. Too bad they can’t live as long as humans. Cruelty is not acceptable to animals, love them as they you, unconditionally. .

  8. I don’t necessarily LOVE or LIKE animals. It’s not natural and usual for one species to be emotionally attracted to another. But I believe it’s unethical and immoral to deprive an animal of their the life, liberty, and dignity just because we can, just for convenience, for taste of their flesh, just for the love of their fur/leather etc. We, the two-legged animals, can do better — go VEG!

    1. I cannot agree with you when you state it’s not natural and usual for one species to be emotionally attracted to another, I have seen quite the contrary, between dogs and cats, dogs and birds, turtles and rabbits, etc. You need to look at some animal interaction videos on you tube and even when posted on Facebook, very heartwarming indeed!

  9. IT’S AN all full shame what most people do to ANIMALS these days. it really Breaks my HEART the way people Treat Dogs, cats, Horses, and
    quite a bit more. I am and always have been an ANIMAL Lover. why can’t all People be that way? BAD & MEAN People should be Locked up for ever because of what they do to these poor Animals. they didn’t ask to be treated like that. some day they will have what coming to them.

  10. Last night I came across a hedgehog crossing the road. Stopped to pick it and place it in a garden out of harms way. Thought it was the best thing I did on the day. There is absolutely no reason not to love animals. I can think of a few for mankind.

  11. Farm animals are the most abused. They don’t even have the extent of protection that pets enjoy. They are often cut or boiled alive, not to mention sick with wounds all their lives. Eat less meat and dairy, or not at all is the key. This is something we can all do to reduce suffering.

  12. I believe that all persons feel some kind of kinship to certain animals, fear and lack of understanding them is often an invented way of saying…”I don’t like animals”.



  14. there the people who TRULY LOVE ANIMALS ( WE DONT EAT ANIMALS ) & then there are the HYPOCRITES that SAY they love animals , and then participate in the GROTESQUE TORTURE,MISERY,DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT of the animals at every meal they choose to EAT THEM – so please stop being a HYPOCRITE & STOP EATING THE SWEET GENTLE KIND ANIMALS – YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN MASS GENOCIDE OF THE MOST INNOCENT CREATURES ON THE PLANET.

  15. I adore all animals. I cannot bear even to kill the mice or insects in my house or the caterpillars and insects on my plants. I am pretty extreme and know it. I am nearly in the category of Ahimsa.

  16. I have a small mini-farm consisting of 28 cats, 4 horses and 5 dogs. They all want for nothing!They are extremely well cared for an need nothing. All rescues. I wouldn’t trade them for any humans.

  17. I love all animals, at present I have a wild kitty I just found running around my house. I have dogs and cats of my own, that have strayed my way and spoil them all. I don’t eat meat either.

  18. Animals are every to me.I have never met an animal that I have disliked, ,however I am unable to say the same about the human species. I adore ALL animals, ie each and every animal.

  19. People that don’t like animals generally don’t like people either and the reason for that is they don’t like themselves.

  20. I love animals better than people…Really, there are very few people who I love as much as I love my cats & ferrets, and come to think of it, I love people more than all animals, big or small, wild or domesticated. They all have my heart ❤ !!!

  21. What I don’t understand is why people who claim to love animals choose between dogs and cats with hateful things to say about one or the other. People just have to understand that all animals are worthy of love and protection. You don’t have to have a pet to be concerned about their welfare.

  22. As human animals, having the “higher awareness or intelligence” (I loosely refer to this belief that is repeated time and again), we also have the responsibility to evolve into the higher accountability for our actions. We are the only species who this earth could do without – and it would prosper. We do not eat garbage, we create it. We do not eat seeds and spread them, instead we eat garbage and dump our rancid human waste into sewers where it festers and pollutes. We tear down, more than we can replace. We dig up, and destroy at such an incredible rate. We do not live in harmony with nature, instead we expect nature to accommodate us. In this relentless, arrogant struggle, we have done nameless damage and call it progress. We treat nature and the animal kingdom as though they were created to serve us – to be expendable if need be and wonder why we still treat each other still so bad. “As you have done to the very least of me…” The 1% who could mindlessly proclaim how much contempt they have for other creatures has just exposed their lack of regard for all life, including themselves.

  23. Abuse is the ultimate betrayal towards any living soul and absolutely heartbreaking all the way around. You simply can not do such a horrific thing without it killing the best in you. Period. If you find people happily willing to hurt an animal in any way, they are actually finding a venue to act out their deepest, most inner evil fantasies of twisted sickness. There’s nothing more revolting than that. Aside from this, it has been proven over and over again that people who have horrid intents with animals, get bored with them soon enough, ultimately leading them to bigger prey, moving up to people, in order to re-ignite and enhance the excitement that the torturing of animals used to provide. It’s simply never enough. And do not forget, these horrendous monsters also end up raising their children in “the game”, breeding evil, little sickos to continue on “the trade”… no doubt causing abuse in every level of their lives, as well. It’s just a revolting cycle that will never end until someone gets into it and breaks the heart-wrenching pattern. So, even if an animal is not of some peoples concern, then note that it will not stop there. It is just a start. And it is just a matter of time.

  24. I love all animals. They are great companions, protect you from harm, but mostly they love you unconditionally. If you love your animals, don’t chain them in the yard like a lawn ornament. They are lonely out there with nobody to interact with. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment and they are members of our family. So bring them inside to be with you, Let them sleep with you at night because they love you so muich. You can also get them a warm bed to rest in with a blanket and a couple toys. We don’t give them nearly what they bring to us. Cherish them, love them, feed them nutritious food, bring them to the vet when they get sick and when they need their vaccinations, and be sure to get them microchipped. You wouldn’t want them to get lost without one because they can’t talk to tell people what their name is and who to call. Love them like they love you….they are your children.

    1. Those who respect the OTHER animals are VEGANS. Often when people here say they love animals, they only love dogs. Why say you “LOVE” animals when you pay others to breed, and kill them for your supper. What is the difference between, cows, cats, dogs, and pigs?

  25. I love animals of all kinds! I have watched the ASPCA show. When I see those poor defenseless animals in their condition, I want to cry and I get mad at the same time! We have 3 datchshunds and 2 cats in our house, and I love them all dearly!

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