Animal Cruelty Awareness Tshirt Campaigns…


Animal Advocate I speak for all animals- Animal Advocates worldwide are doing their upmost to get Lawmakers to change Laws and to recognize that animal cruelty is a serious issue in our communities.
We want to see Laws changed and made harsher so that the people that commit these heinous crimes against animals are convicted and punished accordingly.

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Prevent animal abusers from adopting again!Shelters and rescue organizations need to know the history of potential adopters to make sure animals are placed into good homes.
The news is filled with heartbreaking stories of abusers who repeat their violent crimes against animals.
Sign on to demand that your state participate in ALDF’s Do Not Adopt database to keep animals out of the hands of abusers.
Sign on to demand that your state require animal abusers to register in their communities.

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Tragically an increasing number of dogs are shot by cops.
A new documentary looks at the problem.…



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STOP violence against animals!

Violence against animals NEEDS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY….make the people who commit these acts of violence on animals pay harshly for their crime!


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