Puppy Doe – Kiya’s Memorial Registry

Puppy Doe – Kiya’s Memorial Registry

Puppy Doe – Kiya was found lying abandoned in bushes in a park in Quincy Massachusetts on August 31st 2013. Puppy Doe was in a very bad condition, she had injuries so severe that the Veterinarians from the Animal Rescue League – Boston thought it best they put Puppy Doe humanely to sleep.

The man who tortured Puppy Doe has been caught and is in jail next due to face court in late December 2013.


Also Known As: QAS
P.O. Box 690088  Quincy,  MA  02269




10 Chandler St

Boston,  MA  02116




4 thoughts on “Puppy Doe – Kiya’s Memorial Registry”

  1. RIP my sweetheart. Since hearing your story and attending the vigil held in my state I will never forget you. You suffering was not it vain, any animal mistreatment I see or hear about will be reported. I only wish you could have been saved.

  2. Baby Kiya,You will never ever be forgotton,you are in all of our thoughts and i just wish you had met a nice family who had treated you like you deserved.
    Rest In Peace darling girl.

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