Puppy Doe’s ~ Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals!

YOU can help put a STOP to VIOLENCE against animals.
Don’t be afraid to “Speak for those who can’t!”
Remember that you are one of many thousands of animal loving humans worldwide who stand beside you on this very important issue.

There are steps you can take to help Stop Violence Against Animals.

1/ Be a good role model – be aware of your own behaviour and attitudes towards animals, especially in front of young children. Be aware of how your behaviour can influence others.

Raise awareness to your own friends and colleagues.

Don’t ever condone cruelty or violence.

2/ Speak up about animal cruelty and violence.

Violence against animals is everyone’s concern!

Discuss the issues, comment on newspaper stories, write to your local Legislators.

Use the power of Social networks to get the message to more people.

Use TWITTER and Facebook to help spread Puppy Doe’s campaign to “Stop Violence Against Animals”

Do you swear to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against animals?

I do.




Help Puppy Doe’s Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals

Puppy Doe was brutally tortured and in her memory we want to help animals.

Please post your picture or add your name to become an Ambassador of Puppy Doe’s Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals.

Thankyou for helping to spread this very important issue worldwide.



Being an Ambassador for Puppy Doe’s Campaign to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS is a good way to show your support for the message that is wanting to be spread worldwide.

TAKE THE PLEDGE – swear to never commit, excuse, or remain silent about violence against animals.

LIKE and SHARE Puppy Doe’s dedicated facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForPuppyDoe

PROMOTE PUPPY DOE’S AMBASSADOR CAMPAIGN with colleagues, clients, and friends. Call on others to join in.


17 thoughts on “Puppy Doe’s ~ Campaign to Stop Violence Against Animals!”

  1. All animals need our love and protection – they are God’s creatures – not ours to mistreat, mutilate, starve – God gave them to us to share love.

  2. I have always been an Ambassador for animals rights and their well being since I was a little girl. All animals whether domestic or wild have the right to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. It is up to us to help them protect their rights and freedoms. As Gandhi once said, ” Societies moral progress is judged by the way it treats and yes, respects it’s animals.” As a moral species, societies around the world is not doing a great job. Once we start to respect animal rights and freedoms only then can we begin to a level of respect, understanding, and tolerance for our own rights and freedoms around the world.

  3. This is the most important pledge anyone could ever make. I long for the day when all cruelty will end and humans will learn to respect the rights of animals.

  4. I don’t know what happen to Puppy Doe and didn’t know she/ he died because of it .I have been receiving emails on this .Who ever did what ever they did to this puppy .I wish they are found soon and I wish the same thing could be done to them .For they are not even worthy to be called an animal much less a human .This kind of stuff sickens me so bad.I love animals and that’s all they ask of us is to be loved and treated kindly.They love us unconditionally ..

  5. I pray people will stop abiding the animals. I pray the government, federal & state will have extremely tough laws on subsets. The animals breathe, feel, hurt just like people do.

  6. I never realized how badly animals could be mistreated until I joined some animal rights groups & joined Facebook. Never in my life would I ever mistreat or hurt an animal. The Lord placed animals on this earth for us to love, spend time with, be best friends with, cuddle, & make us happy when we are sad….. They are defenseless creatures who cannot fight back…, they only know how to love unconditionally… That is how God made them.. We need to stand up & be their voice, & be their justice…. If not for us…. Who ?
    We need to stop abuse & cruelty !
    We need to fight for THEIR rights to love & live on this earth…

  7. All animals deserve our love and kindness. It starts with each and everyone of us, how we treat our own and how much we know what goes on around us. There is a lot of ignorance and hate and anger, and these poor helpless animals suffer at their hands. We must teach
    Others that all animals feels pain just like us, yes birds, chickens, pigs, cows and their young, not just our pets. Please share, educate and be a good example so that this type
    Of abuse doesn’t happen again. God Bless You and your pets.

  8. I pledge to ALWAYS for the rest of my days encourage people to treat animals with respect and to adopt a shelter dog rather than buy! TOGETHER WE ARE ONE STRONG FORCE THAT CANNOT BE STOPPED.

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