Send a letter – campaign

WRITE A LETTER. CHANGE A LIFE. Your action counts.
Your action counts.


Animals from all over the world face abuse on a daily basis and we need your help to protect them. This year, we are writing letters, sending SMS messages, taking action online and hosting and participating in a variety of exciting events to demand that the rights of animals are upheld.

If you would like to get involved, you can write a letter or attend an event near you; you can even run your own event. Every action can make a difference; something as simple as sending an email, an SMS or signing a petition all helps to lend a global voice.

However big or small your participation, if we all join together our voices will be heard.

To take action right now by writing a letter or email…

Your action counts.


Violence against animals NEEDS TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY….make the people who commit these acts of violence on animals pay harshly for their crime! 

This especially needs to happen to Radoslaw Czerkawski the man currently in jail over the torture of Puppy Doe in Quincy Massachusetts.


JOIN Puppy Doe’s Ambassadors.

Dedicate yourself to understanding why animal cruelty is an issue that can not be swept aside.

Recruit your friends, family and workmates to join Puppy Doe’s campaign to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS so we can work together to get Laws changed and bring more awareness of the epidemic of cruelty in our communities.



Puppy Doe needs all her Ambassadors help, your voices, your support.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Studies show that people read the letters to the editor section more than they read the editorials by journalists. Moreover, letters to the editor are widely read by community leaders and lawmakers to gauge public sentiment about current issues in the news.

Send a Letter to Your Legislator –

As a constituent, your lawmakers and political appointees know that you are the key to their understanding of issues important to you, not to mention their political futures. They want and need to hear from you on issues you consider important.

Personal messages allow you to present your position without interruption. It lets the lawmaker know you care about an issue and that you’ll watch his or her choices carefully. Keep your letter short and to the point with just enough facts and figures to enhance your statement. Why does the bill affect you?

Be Brief, Specific and Courteous
Keep your letter to one page, one issue, and state its purpose in the first paragraph. If your letter pertains to a specific bill, identify it. Always be courteous, even if you disagree with your lawmaker’s position.

Ask for a Reply
Always close your letter by asking for a written response. You are taking the time to write to them, they are your representatives– they should be able to take the time to write to you. In addition to sending your letters through email, you may also transmit your letter via fax when a vote or decision on an issue is imminent. Faxing is very popular, as most lawmakers have published fax numbers. It’s a great way for you to get your letter to your lawmaker in a matter of minutes-for only the cost of a telephone call. Be sure to include your fax number on your letter in case your lawmaker decides to fax you back.

Mailing letters to members of Congress has become more difficult and slower in these days of heightened security at the U.S. Capitol and in our country. While written letters have a personal impact and are easily the most powerful way to communicate with legislators outside of a personal visit, they can also take the longest to reach a legislator.

CONTACT LIST – United Kingdom

8 thoughts on “Send a letter – campaign”

  1. We need laws changed everywhere to stop this inhumane treatment of animals including dog fighting. Our laws need tobe changed!!!

  2. Animal abusers need to know that they will not get away with their crimes Anymore!!!! Animals have rights just like We do!!! Abuse,torture,and Dogfighting will Not be Tolerated!!! Be Their Voice!!!!

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