Stop Puppy Farming

Stop Puppy Farming

Prevent animal cruelty from the start!

Every puppy deserves to be born into clean, safe conditions.

But all too often, we find cruel and uneducated backyard breeders who keep dogs in tiny cages under hot tin roofs, amongst mud, maggots and faeces and without clean water or sunlight. Mother dogs spend their whole lives being pregnant and having their puppies snatched away from them.

The puppies are cleaned up and sold online for hundreds of dollars each. The new owners have no knowledge of the suffering these tiny puppies—and their mums especially—have endured.

A Breeder Licensing Scheme would help prevent such abhorrent treatment of dogs and puppies by ensuring every breeder can be identified and regulated by accredited, independent animal welfare Inspectors.



One thought on “Stop Puppy Farming”

  1. All animal breeding should be outlawed. People should not be allowed to profit off the suffering of animals. In a world with so many homeless animals, does it make sense to breed more.
    What’s wrong with people. They are not civilized. No sane person would sanction forced breeding of animal.

    It is only greed and laziness that allows puppy mills to continue. Why work when you can profit off innocent animals. The people who do this are the lowest form of scum there is.

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