Puppy Doe – Kiya was an abused dog. This sweet girl was tortured by a man who bought her for $40 through a Craigslist advertisement.

People who advertise their pet as Free To Good Home, or ask for a small amount of money, do so with the faith that their pet will be well looked after.

Some of these pets can be lucky and go to genuinely good people.

However, sadly there are way too many people out there posing as good/ kind people wanting to take an animal in, when sadly all they are actually interested in is cruelly exploiting animals for their own ends.
Pets can often end up in an abusive home when advertised as Free To Good Home, or when checks are not thoroughly carried out on new homes.

Abusive adopters can convincingly seem good homes when they respond to Free To Good Home ads, or any ads where checks are not made on them. Pets are also often passed on to abusive homes by the initial adopter of the pet (either not realising it is an abusive home, or not caring because they can make a profit out of it).

If there is no way you can continue to look after your pet, the responsible and safest option is to ask a reputable animal rescue to re-home it.

Dog fighters acquire bait animals by stealing family pets of any breed, picking up strays and responding to free To Good Home adverts, or adverts where pets are offered for a low price. They also use animals that did not want to fight. Any way they can get the animals for free, or little cost is preferable.

Sadly, ‘free to good home’ kittens, cats, rabbits, puppies, small dogs and other animals are often sought out by sick people wishing to set their dogs on them. These people find it entertaining and amusing to watch a smaller animal being ripped apart by their dogs, who they have trained to do this. It is often done by people who take their dogs – often Lurchers – hunting for small animals. They take their dogs rabbiting and badger baiting and use these ‘free to good home’ pets as practice and training for their dogs.

If a dog in a Free To Good Home advert is a pure breed bitch, she can be sold to a puppy mill as a breeding dog. These are cruel places that are not concerned with the welfare of their animals, only their profits.

Many people see a free pet simply as an opportunity to make money. It is often the case that a pet will be acquired for free from a Free To Good Home advert by someone convincingly playing the part of a good home for the pet. The pet is then sold on for a profit to anyone who is willing to pay, no matter how the pet will be treated.

Believe it or not, this includes animal experimentation / vivisection laboratories, where animals have a life of pain, suffering, loneliness. They either die a painful death because of experiments killing them, or they are killed when they are finished with.

Animals advertised free to good home or for a low cost can fall in to the hands of people who produce ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOS.

In these videos animals are crushed by semi naked women in high heels. The sick people who buy these videos, or pay to view them online, do so for sexual gratification, and the industry is growing in popularity throughout the world.


If you have absolutely no way of continuing to care for your pet and no family or friends can help you do so, the best thing to do is to take your pet to a reputable NO KILL rescue (an animal re-homing rescue that has a policy of not destroying any animal, unless on the advice of a vet) that does home checks and informal interviews with potential adopters.

If you are determined to re-home an animal yourself, do an internet search of the prospective adopters to see if any newspaper reports from the past are cause for concern. If they are on Facebook or any other social networking website, see what impression you can form about them from those too.

Another check that can be made is to ask the prospective adopters what vet they belong to if they already have a pet, or have had pets before, and ask that vet if they feel the person is a suitable adopter.

If doing a HOME CHECK always take someone with you.


There are many ways to help.

But -firstly advocates need to learn all about the many types of animal cruelty.

FUR FARMING – The fur trade is one of the cruelest on earth. Animals are skinned alive for their fur after being crushed in to tiny cages for months to await their fate

THE DOG AND CAT MEAT TRADE – Millions of cats and dogs are eaten in countries across Asia. How the cats and dogs are treated and ‘prepared’ is absolutely brutal.

FACTORY FARM ANIMALS – suffering and misery caused to farm animals trapped in to a life of factory farming.


BULLFIGHTING – Spanish festivals involving the terrifying & torturing to death of innocent animals.

HORSE AND DOG RACING – Horse / dog racing causes many horses / dogs to suffer terribly. From horses forced to race that die on race courses, to ones killed, abandoned & neglected when no longer of use. The majority that don’t make the grade, or that retire, end up slaughtered for the horse meat industry.

COMPANION SHELTER ANIMALS – millions of innocent loving pets being put to death, often in horrific ways, every year.

DOG FIGHTING – The horrific abuse inflicted on the dogs by humans, despite the agony they suffer when forced in to fights when desperately trying to survive

ANIMAL TESTING – Animal experiments are extremely cruel to animals and dangerous to humans as they so unreliable.

BUSHMEAT – illegal poachers brutally killing wild animals for meat, endangering species.

IVORY TRADE- Many elephants across Asia and Africa are brutally massacred ever year for their tusks, leaving their young orphaned.

CANNED HUNTING – Canned hunting and trophy hunting is where companies trap wild animals in enclosed areas of varying size, and accept large payments from individuals to kill them.

And many more..

When people think of animal cruelty, they often think of violence inflicted on an animal. However, a more common form of animal abuse is neglect.

Then there are the people that know about the abuse. They are also guilty of cruelty to animals because they allowed the abuse to continue without reporting it or saving the animal from it.



  1. Every animal needs to be protected from the evil people of today. More severe actions need to be taken so that these animals are free from their suffering. All these animals belong to GOD first & they ask for nothing but to love them & give them a wonderful home. This evil has t be stopped NOW!!!

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