Ways to give and show some kindness at Xmas.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. Please read the Animal Rescue League of Boston‘s link below. It describes their holiday drive to help families in need of financial assistance in paying for their pets medical care. Your donations are needed and please remember that the ARL is the organization which investigated and helped apprehend the abuser in the Puppy Doe case.


We are asking people to make up a goodie bag or a Christmas box containing food, treats, toys and bedding.  These gifts will ensure the animals are warm and feel loved at this festive time. With the festive season only weeks away, our minds are racing with shopping lists, what gifts to get family and friends and thoughts of taking a well-earned break and arguable the best thing of all, indulging in some good food. When perusing the supermarket aisles in the lead up to Christmas this year, spare a moment to grab an extra can or bag of dog or cat food to help feed the many lost and abandoned animals at a shelter near you.




You would be surprised what a difference you could make.



Maybe choose a cruelty free Christmas?

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One thought on “Ways to give and show some kindness at Xmas.”

  1. Im taking a stand to be come a volunteer to help voiceless animals at my local shelter, bring things to them where love is needed this will be my Christmas helping voiceless animals in need.

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