Puppy Doe Ambassadors around the world.

TAKE THE PLEDGE – swear to never commit, excuse, or remain silent about violence against animals.

Our vision for Puppy Doe Ambassadors…

To promote cruelty-free behaviour in our own local communities.

To promote a planet on which all animals are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness.

This vision comes as a response to growing public concern about the neglect of animals and animal protection issues by political parties.

Our mission for Puppy Doe Ambassadors..

To promote and protect the interests and capabilities of animals by helping to provide a voice for them.

We want to give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

Our treatment of animals is often marred by a lack of understanding.

This sadly leads to disrespect and cruelty, we want to see that changed through education so that the number of animals neglected, ill treated or abandoned by their human guardians is lessened.



aims to actively work to bring about a much needed National data base on Animal abusers and:

Non-human animals are classified as things, or ‘personal property’.

They can be owned, just as a legal person can own a computer or a pencil.

WE WANT TO SEE – A new legal classification for animals that recognizes their status as sentient beings.

A National approach to protecting animals under the Law.

WE WANT TO SEE –  Improved enforcement of Laws and the governing animal welfare.

Puppy Doe Ambassadors will promote the following ..

Promote a well-managed and well cared for companion animal population, which could help ensure that all companion animals are cared for and controlled humanely.

Promote the desexing / spaying, microchipping of companion animals-  which would help reduce the number of unwanted companion animals and instances of abandonment.

Promote NO kill attitudes for all pounds and shelters within seven years.  

Promote  the taking of cruelty against our companion animals more seriously and get Lawmakers to administer harsher penalties for those perpetrators.

Promote the ABOLISHMENT of all breed-specific legislation (BSL). Temperament and behavior of animals is to be assessed by a fully qualified, independent animal behaviourists.

Promote the ABOLISHMENT of large scale intensive farming of puppies and kittens. Enforce a Code of Practice for the Keeping and Breeding of Cats and Dogs. Set a standard for the maximum number of breeding animals that can be housed on any one property.

Promote responsible pet ownership.

Promote the collection and collation of national statistics on unwanted animals and make these statistics publicly available.  These stats would record details on abandoned companion animals in pounds, shelters, with rescue groups, and at Vet clinics, with regard to their origin, their surrender and their fate (i.e. reclaimed, rehomed, or put to death).

Animals in pounds and shelters are to be desexed prior to sale (unless desexing would pose a serious threat to the animal’s health);

 Promote the ABOLISHMENT and stop the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops.

 Promote community vet clinics and subsidized desexing programs.

Promote a national standard for animal cruelty offences, increase maximum fines and jail terms.

Promote that all Veterinarians must report suspected cases of animal cruelty.

Promote educational programs to introduce young people to issues around responsible pet ownership.

Promote that all Police Officers are trained in the enforcement of animal welfare legislation.

STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS! Are YOU a Puppy Doe Ambassador? Link: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForPuppyDoe
Are YOU a Puppy Doe Ambassador?
Link: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForPuppyDoe

In loving memory of Puppy Doe.

FOUNDER – JCvetanoski  Australian Animal Advocate

Puppy Doe Ambassadors initiate and participate in community activities that will support animals and will raise the awareness of the public to the animal cruelty issues.

MANY PEOPLE HAVE BECOME PUPPY DOE AMBASSADORS ALREADY – please go to this link to see ALL the current pictures.

Link: https://puppydoe.wordpress.com/i-am-an-ambassador-of-puppy-does-campaign-to-stop-violence-against-animals/

Puppy Doe Ambassadors in the USA

ALASKA – Tara McCoy

ARIZONA – Melanie Quan
ARKANSAS- Jody B Merritt
FLORIDA- Sherry Resnick , Joanna D Jenkins, Cheryl Robbins, Helen M Conner, Sandi Gizzi, Lisa Malone, Candace Markland
HAWAII- Rocco Pazzo
INDIANA -Tina Lemarr, Jaime Wallace, Lisa S Barth
IOWA- Suzi Anderson
KENTUCKY – Heather F Kimbrell
LOUISIANA – Gina B Boudreaux
MAINE – Eric Grant, Jana Doyle, Judy A Poland, Jen M Esty
MARYLAND- Sarah Bssisso
MISSOURI- Janelle F Holland
NEVADA- Cherilynn Nicole, IreneMaria Carson
NEW HAMPSHIRE- Michelle Cassedy
NEW JERSEY – Lisa J Nieves, Megan Kim, Patti McCabe, Cynthia Wellington, Lisa Hessler
OHIO- Tiffany Ballard, Darlene Ferraro, Wendy Sheldon, Sarah Smith
TENNESSEE- Carol Quinsenberry
WISCONSIN- Margaret Lilly, Sherry Wheeler, Nikki Li

Puppy Doe Ambassadors in the UK

Puppy Doe Ambassadors in Canada


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