I’m just curious if any supporters want to comment on this new figurine.

Is it a nice memento, or in bad taste?

Only 10% will go to benefit the animals… is that enough?

I personally am not too happy that money is being made off of Puppy Doe.



8 thoughts on “PUPPY DOE SCULPTURE”

  1. via- Patrick Ronan
    My name is Patrick Ronan, I’m a reporter for The Patriot Ledger. I’m writing a story about this http://herobuilders.com/puppy+doe.htm I’m just curious if your organization or any of your supporters want to comment on this new figurine. Is it a nice memento, or in bad taste? I’m writing a story for tomorrow’s paper about it, so if anyone is interested in commenting, please have them call me at 617-786-7046.

    1. Why only 10%? this company is making money off a tragedy.No thnaks! I will donate directly to the shelters. Thats just greedy,

  2. I have to agree. Mybe if all the proceeds whent to efforts to stop[ animal abuse or shelter it would be ok. I do not think any one should make moiney off of Puppy DOe.

  3. I did leave a lengthy comment saying that I’d never buy such a thing unless ALL the money went to Boston Animal Rescue League in Kiya’s name/memory. Money should NEVER be made off her horrendous suffering unless every penny goes to the animals and I went on to say this man doing this doesn’t get it, doesn’t get how so many feel about Kiya and her memory as well– the short version here! But no way will I buy one of these. Carol Givens

  4. Did anyone else notice that HALF of the measly 10% goes to “A LARGE ORGANIZATION WHICH LEGALLY CANNOT BE NAMED (HERE)?” That doesn’t even make sense, and it just sounds shady as hell to me! Not to mention, that if someone was really doing this to benefit animals, the ONLY amount that they would NOT donate is the cost of overhead (supplies, shipping,etc). Anyone that would take advantage and make money off of Kiya’s (or any other animal’s) suffering is a greedy POS. I feel it is disrespectful to Kiya’s memory to donate anything less than 100% of profits. This sweet innocent girl endured immense pain and torture. NO “human being” deserves to make money from that.

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